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How to win a game

Back in May 2022, 2K announced that it would release details about the latest NBA 2K franchise in July. This was in conjunction with the announcement that the NBA Summer League, a summer basketball league for rookies and up-and-comers, would be renamed and called NBA 2K23 Summer League.
Last summer, 2K confirmed a cover athlete, eventually Mavericks star Luka Doncic, and a release date for 2K22 in July. Since the release date for NBA 2K21 was confirmed in July 2020, the timeline fits in nicely with past announcements.

We'll most likely find a release date for NBA 2K23 and console information for the game in July. While 2K23 is likely to be available again for older consoles, that remains to be confirmed.

In terms of release dates, 2K23 is expected sometime in September. Since the introduction of NBA 2K16, every subsequent title has come in September. Cheap 2K MT

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